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NJ Estate Sales

Estate Sale Pricing: A Guide on How to Price Things Right

So you’ve decided to have an estate sale. You’ve gathered all the items you’re planning to sell, and now comes the hard part – pricing. How can you figure out how much you should charge for your beloved possessions? While there aren’t any specific rules for estate sale pricing, you can follow some best practices. … Read more

4 Reasons to Hire an NJ Estate Sales Company

Liquidating a home’s contents is a challenge people face after inheriting a house, divorcing, or another event. Of course, the best way to liquidate is with an estate sale. However, some people look for ways to avoid paying the average 30-50% commission estate sales companies charge. So they host the sales themselves.  If you’re about to … Read more

New Jersey Estate Sales: 3 Tips for Planning Your Estate Sale

Far too many Americans are procrastinating on estate planning. Did you know that only 40% of Americans have a will or living trust? The good news is that people take estate planning more seriously as they age. This number rises to 81% when Americans reach the age of 72. The estate sale is an essential milestone … Read more

The Fun of an NJ Estate Sale

Havan you ever been to a NJ estate sale? If so, you may have bought some pretty cool items. But have you ever thought about having your estate sale in NJ, or needed to have an estate sale? Most of the time, this happens after a divorce, a loss of a loved one or is … Read more

Common Estate Sale Mistakes to Avoid

While no one really enjoys dwelling on the fact, approximately 3.4 million people pass away each year in the US. Many of them leave behind a home and belongings. Wills help dispose of these estates in many cases, yet not always. Shockingly, around 60 percent of Americans lack a last will and testament. Beyond that, there … Read more

The Joy of An NJ Estate Sale

Did you know that 27.1 million Americans moved to a new house in 2021? When it’s time to move, you must consider what items you want to bring to your new house. And most of the time, you’ll find that you have too much “stuff.” An NJ estate sale is a great way to downsize … Read more

5 Signs You Should Hold an Estate Sale

Estate sales always take place, but why do people have them? People have estate sales to liquidate a household, but what leads to these sales? According to one survey, 51.89% of estate sales occur after a death in the family. Hosting an estate sale is an event you can do yourself. However, hiring an NJ estate sales … Read more

New Jersey Estate Sales: The Fun of Having an Estate Sale

While many people use the terms “estate sale” and “garage sale” interchangeably, they’re pretty different. A garage sale is usually made in a person’s driveway while alive. An estate sale is centered around getting rid of all the items in a house after a major life event, such as a death or divorce.  The reason … Read more

The Do’s and Don’ts of Having an Estate Sale

In 2019, the average gross sales from an estate sale came in at $19,000. If you don’t know what an estate sale is, it’s like a garage sale, only on a much larger scale. They’re usually done after the deaths of loved ones or when someone is trying to offload a lot of their belongings. Regardless of … Read more