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What do you typically sell at an estate sale?

EVERYTHING! We tell all of our clients ” Do not discard and do not donate” if you are considering having a sale! We sell cars, fine and costume jewelry, clothing and accessories, kitchenware, furniture, appliances, linens, lamps and lighting, tools, coins and stamps, antiques, fine & decorative art, outdoor and Patio items, and all sorts of basement and garage items too! We have even sold a few boats! If in doubt, do NOT throw it out! Let us turn your items into Cash!

Customarily when do you run your sales?

90% of our sales are run two days being Saturday and Sunday. On occasion, if a third day is needed, we will run Friday through Sunday. Rarely we do get a sale that we feel warrants four days at which point we would run Thursday through Sunday. Hours are typically 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

What is the first step to considering New Jersey Estate and Moving Sales for our moving sale?

The first step is to schedule a complimentary consultation with us. Our consultations are completely free of obligation. We will ask you to walk us through your home and show us what you’d like to sell! If we feel you would be a good candidate for a sale, we will sit down with you and explain how the process works in detail.

Are you insured and bonded?

ABSOLUTELY! Proof of insurance and bonding is available upon request.

How many staff members will you have at my sale?

The Staffing at your home will depend on how much merchandise you have and how many footprints of your home we will use for the sale. We can definitely give you an idea of how many staff members we will need when we see your home.

Am I responsible to help move any furniture once it is sold?

Absolutely not. 90% of the time we assist in moving the furniture into the buyer’s vehicle during the sale. If the buyer of an item must come back after the sale is over, they are responsible to bring their own assistance for moving whatever they purchased from the home.

Is there any time of year better than another to have a sale?

This has truly become a 12-month a year business! However, we do shy away from long holiday weekends and sales that must be run too close to major holidays. When the weather is an issue (mostly during the wintertime), we always factor in an additional week in case there must be a postponement of your sale due to inclement weather conditions.

What areas of New Jersey do you serve?

Our work is all mobile! There are very few areas we do not serve in New Jersey. Please call us to find out our particulars!

What do I do with anything that’s left after the sale is over?

We can help! We will assist you after the sale is over and certainly, will not leave you high and dry! We can assist you in liquidating anything that is left and we can also assist you in a cleanout for your final walk-through before your home is sold!

When do I get the proceeds of my sale?

Immediately after your sale! Cash and check monies are handed over to you at the end of the final day of your sale. If you have a large credit card charge, it must clear the bank and the proceeds will be sent to you via a bank check within 2 days. If you are out of state, out of town, or unable able to be with us at the end of your sale, a bank check will be sent to you the next business day after your sale is finished.