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New Jersey Estate Sales: The Fun of Having an Estate Sale

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While many people use the terms “estate sale” and “garage sale” interchangeably, they’re pretty different. A garage sale is usually made in a person’s driveway while alive. An estate sale is centered around getting rid of all the items in a house after a major life event, such as a death or divorce. 

The reason you might want or need to host an estate sale can be sad, but it’s an opportunity to liquidate an estate while bringing in additional income. With New Jersey estate sales, there’s an opportunity to have fun during the process. 

Are you interested in learning more about how to host a New Jersey estate sale? This guide will discuss everything you need to know about making the process fun and entertaining. 

What Is an Estate Sale?

Estate sales are a way to liquidate the belongings of an estate or family. The public gets invited into a house. They’re allowed to buy any item that’s been marked for sale. 

Significant life events usually drive estate sales. These live events can include:

  • Death
  • Relocation 
  • Debt
  • Divorce

Get Organized

Being organized before planning for your estate sale is a crucial step. It would be best if you decided what to do with the items in the estate. As you sort through the articles, separate them into the following categories:

  • Keep 
  • Sell 
  • Donate
  • Trash

Going through all of the items beforehand will ensure that you only get rid of things you don’t want or need. You can put aside sentimental items, so they don’t get lost in the shuffle. You might be surprised by the things you find when you take the time to look through everything. 

Do Your Research 

Figuring out how to price items can be difficult, especially if you’re selling things that belonged to someone else. You should research each item you sell to price it strategically.

You might be surprised how much something is worth. When hosting estate sales in New Jersey, don’t leave money on the table. 

Display Your Items

Strategically displaying your items is a great way to showcase the piece while fetching a higher asking price. Don’t hesitate to clean or repair items before getting them ready for the sale.

You should make sure that how much you earn from selling an item should be more than the cost of fixing it. Don’t waste your time or money repairing an item that won’t fetch a high price. 

You can also be creative with displaying items in your estate sale. Rent long tables so you can spread out your items. Your customers can see what’s for sale, and nothing gets lost in a jumble of stuff. 

Partner With an Experienced Company for New Jersey Estate Sales

Estate sales can be a challenging and stressful time and an opportunity to have some fun. You can learn more about the items you’re selling and keep things you have a personal attachment to. 

If you need guidance with New Jersey estate sales, we’re here to help. Contact us today to learn more about our estate sale services. 

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