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Additional Services

New Jersey Estate and Moving Sales offers you a comprehensive list of valuable services to create an UNBEATABLE PACKAGE.  These services include all of the following:

  • FREE and confidential consultations
  • NO UPFRONT COSTS or expenses for you
  • Flexible and competitive rates and commissions
  • In-house internet marketer who utilizes leading technology to provide maximum exposure of your sale
  • Advertising on social media and street signage that will benefit the bottom line of your sale
  • Photographs of all major items to attract buyers
  • Pricing of all major items for the sale¬†
  • Professional staging to generate maximum financial results
  • The provision of tables, locking showcases (to keep your valuables secure), and extra lighting, all to create an attractive and inviting sale
  • Experienced, expert staffing to encourage sales from the moment the door opens
  • Maximum staffing for security
  • Post sale assistance with donations and cleanouts for the final wrap up

ALL OF THIS AND MORE is included in every sale managed by New Jersey Estate and Moving Sales!